Dean Richardson MNCS(Accred Reg) ~ Counsellor

Couples Counselling

Portsmouth Couples Counselling – local support for when your relationship’s conflicts seem no longer manageable on your own.

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accred Reg)

When seeking a counsellor in Portsmouth, Dean Richardson is your choice as a fully qualified and significantly experienced male counsellor. ┬áDean is accredited by the National Counselling Society and has been in practice since 1999.┬áHe is a therapist in Portsmouth with private practices in Southsea (Hampshire) and Skype Video. His therapies include affordable & effective couples’...
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Portsmouth Couple Counselling

When considering your relationship, trust a therapist fully qualified in couples counselling – trust Dean Richardson. This therapy is suitable for couples experiencing distressing conflicts. The counsellor & couple work together to invite change via discussion, curiosity, inspiration & experimentation and aim to perturb the relationship’s unsatisfactory behaviour....
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Skype Internet Counselling

Skype Internet Counselling is a therapeutic intervention for individuals seeking secure & remote video access to a therapist. Benefits include all the same effective therapy practices - but without having to travel to the counsellor's location.
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