Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important. Portsmouth Counsellor goes to great lengths to protect your confidentiality so that you can talk about anything in counselling.  When we first meet, we’ll discuss what confidentiality means in this context so that you are making an informed decision…

Information collected about you.

When you contact me for an assessment for counselling, I will ask for the following information:-

  • Your name,
  • Your contact telephone number,
  • A deposit to be paid (by credit card, cheque or cash).

By contacting me by email I will also collect your email address.

This information is used in case I need to contact you, for example if I need to reschedule our initial assessment appointment.

Assessment Information.

During the counselling assessment, I will also take details from you that will include your date of birth, information about previous counselling, general information regarding your general mental health, a personal history, a history of your relationship (if you are in couples counselling) and information regarding why you are coming to counselling with me.  I will use this information to assist you in your counselling arrangement with me.

What I do with your information.

I keep client’s personal information on paper and do not store it on computer.  If I include your case in any combined statistics, your personal identity will not be revealed.

I do not use your email address to mailshot you, nor do I use that, your address nor telephone number for any marketing purposes.  I will not pass on your information to anyone else.

How I may contact you.

I will only contact you whilst you are in counselling with me – for example to let you know of any change in appointment. I may use your email address, telephone number or home address (by writing) as appropriate.

Once counselling is completed, I will not contact you again unless I have a very good reason to do so or you have invited me to do so.  You may also specifically request that I not contact you.

How I protect your information.

I use several methods to protect your information if we are communicating online. This will include web browser encryption (SSL). Email is not a secure form of correspondence, and therefore any emails will contain the minimum of information required.

Personal details are kept on paper and these are shredded after seven years of ending therapy with me.

Our counselling work is confidential and I will not reveal the contents of our work to anyone except in confidence with my clinical supervisor for the purposes of my personal supervision and as part of adhering to the National Counselling Society’s Ethical Guidelines.  This also means that even if you give your permission to a third party to learn of the contents of our work (such as a solicitor) – this does not automatically make the information available.  If we are still working in counselling I will discuss this with you.  If we are no longer in counselling then I will decline to reveal our casework.

My website will store a cookie into your browser in order to enhance your personal experience of the web site. This information is not used to identify you personally.  I use cookies in order to help our web site personalise your experience. If you choose, you can disable the use of all cookies by instructing your web browser. My website may not be able to operate fully if you do this.

Visitor Tracking.

I use Piwik to generate website statistics. If you wish to opt out of Piwik tracking, use the form below.

Third party contact.

I do not make your information available to any third party with two exceptions:-

  1. (With your permission) I will refer to your case during my clinical supervision.
  2. (Without your permission) If the law requires that I break confidentiality – such as if you were intending to harm someone or yourself, or commit an act that would break the law. I will endeavour to speak to you before I take this action although the law may require that I do not so.

Children’s Online Privacy.

My web site and counselling services are available only to adults 18 years and older.

Your Consent.

By using my web site you consent to my privacy policy. This policy was last amended on 12th March, 2011.

Contacting me.

You may contact me by referring to my Contact Me page.

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