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Whilst some may see counselling a last resort, working with an effective counsellor, such as Dean Richardson, may be one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences in your life.

Dean Richardson offers counselling for couples and for individuals.

Your don’t need your GP/Doctor to refer you. You don’t even need to tell your doctor you’re seeing a counsellor. You can engage with your own private counsellor to work on any problem (and the more experienced of counsellors – rather than recently-qualified and relatively inexperienced students – will be able to help you assess if they are the right counsellor for you).

Portsmouth Counsellor

Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS (Accred/Reg)

Individuals: firstly, we’ll have you tell your story. This can bring immediate symptom-relief just from sharing.  We’ll take a deeper look at understanding your problems, their (and your) history & how the issues effect your current life.  We’ll work through problems to discover new understanding that can help you put away conflicts leaving you feeling released (more).

Couples: firstly, we’ll help you both tell your stories to me and to each other.  Sharing points of view can bring rapid symptom-relief.  We’ll take a deeper look at the relationship’s ‘system’ & be curious about how it creates conflict.  We’ll help you talk with each other, relinquishing some of the emotion that impedes understanding.  We’ll tackle problems with creativity, discovering newer approaches that disables arguments. If it becomes your choice, we can also work towards a separation. Our work can leave  your relationship released & you both empowered (more).

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