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Skype Internet Counselling

Portsmouth Counsellor Works with AndroidPortsmouth Counsellor Works with iPhoneSkype video counselling from Portsmouth CounsellorSkype Internet Counselling is a therapeutic intervention for individuals seeking secure & remote access to a therapist.

The Skype Internet counselling process is for individuals, couples or small therapy groups.  It offers the same service as other counselling services offered by Portsmouth Counsellor, but with the convenience of being available from your home computer.  For your weekly session fee you get access to Dean Richardson via your video camera & Skype device (PC, Mac, Mobile or Tablet devices).

Skype sessions work best if you use WiFi … and attending group sessions are currently not supported by tablet or mobile devices.  Couples may use multiple devices (provided they are supported by Skype) which makes this an ideal counselling service for long-distance relationships.


Who is Skype Internet Counselling for?

Skype Internet Counselling is available for anyone – not just Portsmouth residents!  Skype Internet Counselling may be suitable for any individual who:-

  • Wishes to gain the same therapeutic experience as offered by Portsmouth Counsellor but cannot travel to the therapist’s Portsmouth locations.
  • Is unable to meet with a therapist face-to-face.
  • Wishes to work specifically with Dean Richardson but who is unable to travel to his Portsmouth consultation location.

An Overview of Portsmouth Counsellor’s Skype Internet Counselling Service.

The counselling follows similar therapeutic processes, boundaries & basic service as with all other counselling services:

Portsmouth Counsellor Internet Counselling

  • The counselling relationship takes place online only – counsellor and client never meet face-to-face.
  • Counselling is multimedia/video-based.
  • You get the same weekly 50-minutes professional attendance from a fully qualified therapist that you would get if attending face-to-face therapy.
  • Your counselling session room can be accessed by computer, smart phone, tablet etc.  If attending group sessions your tablet or mobile device may not be compatible – check with Skype.com
  • Lower cost than face-to-face counselling.
  • Don’t have to travel to Portsmouth.

Skype Internet counselling continues either for an agreed fixed number of sessions, or on an ongoing basis until both client and counsellor agree that matters have shifted sufficiently that the counselling can conclude.

For more information…

See http://www.icounsellor.co.uk/internet_counselling/

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