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The quickest way to contact Dean Richardson for a counselling appointment is to use the contact form below.

Dean is able to respond to you more swiftly than by telephone messages… and usually within 2 working days.

Lead-time & Emergencies: It usually takes about a week to arrange a first appointment. If you need to meet with Dean immediately (or “tomorrow” etc) then it’s possible that you are seeking a service not provided by Dean. If you need to speak to someone right now, consider contacting The Samaritans:

Emailing Dean: the swiftest way is using the contact email/form below. Your message will reach Dean quickly and he can respond to you in confidence (usually within 2-working days).

Telephone: Dean’s 24-hour answering service (02392 987 487) will take longer to get in contact with you, as returning calls can be a little hit-and-miss.  If he has not been able to return your telephone call after two attempts he will not try again unless he hears back from you.

Contact Form.

Due to email SPAM problems, I have moved my contact form to my other website at – this way you get a consistent service & better chance of receiving my replies (sometimes filtered away by Hotmail, GMail etc). Click the button to be transferred to


NOTICE: Dean is not available from Wednesday 9th June to Sunday 13th June (inclusive), though he may still be available to respond to enquiries and emails.

Waiting lists are available for unavailable times.