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Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant), Dip Psych. Couns., P.Grad.Dip Couple Couns. arrow

Portsmouth Location:

Wheelchair AccessThe Marple Cross Centre,
Albemarle House,
Osborne Road,
Southsea, PO5 3LB (more…)

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Couples & Individuals (Havant, Hampshire)
Tue:Not Available
Thu:Waiting List (contact me)
Fri:Not Available

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

NOTICE: Dean is not available from Monday 18th February to Sunday 24th February (inclusive).

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important. Portsmouth Counsellor goes to great lengths to protect your confidentiality so that you can talk about anything in counselling.  When we first meet, we’ll discuss what confidentiality means in this context so that you are making an informed decision…

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How I Can Help You

Personal Counselling:

firstly, we’ll have you tell your story. This can bring immediate symptom-relief just from sharing.  We’ll take a deeper look at understanding your problems, their (and your) history & how the issues effect your current life.  We’ll work through problems to discover new understanding that can help you put away conflicts leaving you feeling released (more).


Couples Counselling:

firstly, we’ll help you both tell your stories to me and to each other.  Sharing points of view can bring rapid symptom-relief.  We’ll take a deeper look at the relationship’s ‘system’ & be curious about how it creates conflict.  We’ll help you talk with each other, relinquishing some of the emotion that impedes understanding.  We’ll tackle problems with creativity, discovering newer approaches that disables arguments. If it becomes your choice, we can also work towards a separation. Our work can leave  your relationship released & you both empowered (more).

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